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What to do Instead of Multitasking {episode 011}

Did you know multitasking is a myth?   It’s true, we aren’t actually capable of doing multiple tasks at once. When we think we’re multitasking we’re switching our focus back and forth between each task. Sound exhausting? It is! and it has some real health downsides that I’m talking all about in this episode In…

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How to do a Plank Correctly

Do you ever wonder if you’re doing planks correctly? If your wrists, neck, or lower back hurt while you’re doing them, or you aren’t consciously engaging your core in your plank, then you probably could use a little technique tune-up. I explain proper form AND how to progress into planks if you’re not currently doing…

Why You Should Love Your Core {episode 010}

Do you love your core? In celebration of love month, this episode is all about why YOU should love your core! It doesn’t matter if you have toned abs or not, your core is deserving of some serious loving. In this episode I’ll discuss some major reasons your core deserves your affection: * What your…

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