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End Your Neck Pain in Side Planks

woman in side plank Pilates position

Do you regularly have pain in your neck or shoulders during side planks? Here’s how you can fix that! Way back when I was a young(ish) circus performer, I was very strong but also had a LOT of neck tension. Especially in side planks. I was also a Pilates teacher and quite confused how an…

Growth Mindset According to my 6 Year Old

growth mindset according to a 6 year old

Have you heard about the power of having a growth mindset yet? Well my 6-year old is joining me on the podcast to give you all the details on how this powerful tool can do wonders for your life! Join me in a spontaneous Mother’s Day special episode where I interview my little sweetie and…

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Core Blast Pilates Workout

Core Blast Pilates Workout

Need a quick Core Blast Pilates workout? This workout is the perfect way to get some core support in your day.   I’ve been loving this fast, efficient, and effective workout recently.   I’m smack dab in the middle of the end of the school year crazy schedule. (Please tell me I’m not the only…