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Make Mindful Presence Your Present (for the Holidays and Everyday)

Wanna know what the hottest gift of 2018 is?

Well, I got ya covered.

It doesn't come in a fancy box or have a big bow - but it is the most powerful gift we can give ourselves or a loved one.

Our mindful presence!

Yep, mindfulness is it. And it is more sought after than a Cabbage Patch Doll to a 10 year-old girl in 1983.

In this episode I'm breaking down why mindfulness is all you need from (insert non-denominational gift-giving entity of your choice):

* What mindfulness is really

* The numerous benefits of mindfulness

* Why it's not a magic cure-all

* And how you can practice it easily during the holidays or any other time of year.

Links mentioned in this episode:

Calm Breath Guided Audio  - the perfect MP3 that you can use to do a quick mindfulness practice.

And I'd love to know what your favorite mindfulness practice is already - comment below and let me know!



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Hi, I'm Ky Russell! I'm committed to democratizing and sharing my knowledge of fitness and wellness accumulated over decades of study and teaching Pilates and mindful movement, stress management, and wellness. In addition to having a Master's degree in Kinesiology and teaching wellness as faculty at San Jose State University, I'm a busy working mom so all of my solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly integrate into your full life. I want you to move and love your body so you can live the life of your dreams!

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