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Why Your Habits are Super Important for Your Wellness Goals {episode 007}

Do you focus on your habits?

Habits are a buzzword in the fitness world right now, and for good reason.

If you can automate the behaviors that will lead to your goals (fitness or otherwise), then you have a much greater chance of actually achieving those goals.

So after you set all your fabulous goals (that follow my strategic goal-setting formula - see episode 006 for details) it is time to automate behaviors and make some habits that will help you meet those goals.

In this episode you'll learn why habits are important, and how to create new healthy ones.

* The components of habits

* How to effectively begin creating new habits

* The truth about how long it takes to create a new habit

* What 21 day challenges are actually good for

* My step by step system to establish a new habit

And I'd love to know what habit you're working on right now! Mine is meditating every morning -  head over to my Facebook group and share it there! You'll get built-in accountability and support from me and the other awesome members.



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Hi, I'm Ky Russell! I'm committed to democratizing and sharing my knowledge of fitness and wellness accumulated over decades of study and teaching Pilates and mindful movement, stress management, and wellness. In addition to having a Master's degree in Kinesiology and teaching wellness as faculty at San Jose State University, I'm a busy working mom so all of my solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly integrate into your full life. I want you to move and love your body so you can live the life of your dreams!

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