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Do You Think About Physical Activity or Just Exercise? {episode 008}

Is there a difference between physical activity and exercise?

Yep, there is.

So which is more important for your health?

Turns out they are BOTH important, and increasing your physical activity levels AND your exercise levels can have long reaching health improvements.

In this episode you'll learn all about how to maximize physical activity and exercise for your health

* Guidelines for physical activity levels

* The types of physical activity

* Why sitting is the new smoking

* How long you need to be active for it to have health benefits (hint - it's not what you think!)

So what is your favorite way to be more active in your day? Comment below and let me know - it reinforces your knowledge and solidifies that you're taking action!



About your host, Ky

Hi, I'm Ky Russell! I'm committed to democratizing and sharing my knowledge of fitness and wellness accumulated over decades of study and teaching Pilates and mindful movement, stress management, and wellness. In addition to having a Master's degree in Kinesiology and teaching wellness as faculty at San Jose State University, I'm a busy working mom so all of my solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly integrate into your full life. I want you to move and love your body so you can live the life of your dreams!

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