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What to do Instead of Multitasking {episode 011}

Did you know multitasking is a myth?


It's true, we aren't actually capable of doing multiple tasks at once.

When we think we're multitasking we're switching our focus back and forth between each task.

Sound exhausting? It is! and it has some real health downsides that I'm talking all about in this episode

In this episode I'll discuss why you shouldn't multitask (and what to do instead):

* How multitasking decreases productivity

* How multitasking leads to shorter attention spans

* The negative impacts on your brain due to multitasking

* And why monotasking and stacking functions are what to do instead!

So how can you stack some functions in your daily routine to get more movement without dividing your attention? Comment below and let me know, it reinforces your knowledge and solidifies that you're taking action!



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