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When to Rest & When to Push Yourself {episode 013}

I had the flu last week, and it was rough.

I survived by binge-listening to my Harry Potter audiobook collection (why are they so soothing?) and getting lots of rest.

Now that I'm starting to feel a little better, I'm taking it easy and slowly reintroducing exercise back into my life. It's an important process, so I wanted to make sure you knew when you should be resting and when you should push yourself to workout (you don't push when you have the flu, for example).

In this episode I'll discuss:

* The 5 major scenarios when your body needs rest more than exercise

* When tough love is necessary to make yourself workout

* How to trick yourself into working out when you really don't want to

* How to ease back into movement after a major sickness so you don't relapse or get an injury

And if you are looking for a great refresher after an illness or period of inactivity, I encourage you to check out my FREE Love Your Core mini-course, click here to get instant access in your inbox! 

So what's your favorite sickness survival strategy? Is it Harry Potter like me? Share yours in the comments section below.



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