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Are Ab Crunches Good For You?

To Ab Curl or Not To Ab Curl? Is that the question?   If you do ab curls or crunches I highly recommend that you spend some time pondering whether or not you should be doing ab curls and most importantly, how you are doing them. As first generation Pilates teacher Eve Gentry is quoted…

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When to Rest & When to Push Yourself {episode 013}

I had the flu last week, and it was rough. I survived by binge-listening to my Harry Potter audiobook collection (why are they so soothing?) and getting lots of rest. Now that I’m starting to feel a little better, I’m taking it easy and slowly reintroducing exercise back into my life. It’s an important process,…

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What to do Instead of Multitasking {episode 011}

Did you know multitasking is a myth?   It’s true, we aren’t actually capable of doing multiple tasks at once. When we think we’re multitasking we’re switching our focus back and forth between each task. Sound exhausting? It is! and it has some real health downsides that I’m talking all about in this episode In…

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Why You Should Love Your Core {episode 010}

Do you love your core? In celebration of love month, this episode is all about why YOU should love your core! It doesn’t matter if you have toned abs or not, your core is deserving of some serious loving. In this episode I’ll discuss some major reasons your core deserves your affection: * What your…

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