in Just Minutes a Day with a Pilates & Stress Relief Program 


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Blessful Body® Pilates Membership

✦ Strengthen Your Core

✦ Reduce Pain

✦ Have More Energy


General enrollment to the Blessful Body Pilates Membership opens several times a year. Join the waitlist now to be among the first to get access when we open enrollment again!

What's Waiting for You Inside Once You Become a Blessful Body Member

100+ ON DEMAND WORKOUTS - so You Can Find The Perfect Workout to Fit Your Day.

Workouts For All Levels, Schedules, and Moods

In the Blessful Body® Studio, YOU get to pick how long class is, 10 minutes or an hour - from the comfort of your own home, anytime of day, with no special equipment needed!

  • Practice When It Works FOR YOU
  • Upper, Lower, Full Body, & Cardio Focused Workouts
  • Improve Flexibility, Posture, & Balance
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A DAILY WORKOUT PLAN So You Know Exactly What Workout To Do Each Day Without Wasting Time Searching, Scrolling, or Guessing

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Guided Workout & Meditation Plan

Greet each day with a specially curated step-by-step workout and stress relief plan. Each week is methodically laid out to meet exercise guidelines, seasonal demands, and nourish your body with breath and movement...

  • Feel CONFIDENT that you can Easily Take Care of Yourself Each Day 
  • SAVE MONEY Never Missing a Drop-In Class Again
  • SAVE TIME by Never Searching for a Workout or Meditation Again

Meditation, Breathwork, & Relaxation Practices to Relieve Stress and Calm Anxiety 

BUST STRESS with Mindfulness

Combat the negative health impacts of stress with science-based relaxation techniques, breathing practices, and meditations to bring calm to your life -  improving sleep, boosting immunity, and reducing anxiety.

  • FOCUS Your Mind and CALM Your Body 
  • Boost IMMUNITY
  • Instantly SHIFT into "Rest And Digest" Mode
  • RELEASE Tension 
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A Pilates Jumpstarter Course for New Students to Make All Your Exercises More Effective & Safe

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Tailored First Weeks Of Workouts & Lessons

Jumpstart your experience with a specialized sequence of workouts & tutorials so you can master the fundamentals and get faster results.

  • The Secret Strategies to Strengthen Your Deep Core
  • Find Your Functional Neutral Aligned Spine 
  • How To Do Ab Curls That Are Actually Good For You 
  • Finally Perform A Pain-Free Plank 

Get Personalized Feedback with Live Classes and Support

Have Confidence and Improve Your Technique

  • Live FEEDBACK So You Know You're Exercising Safely And Effectively
  • RECORDINGS Available of All Live Classes so You Never Miss a Class
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Hear from Some of Our Inspiring Members About Their Wellness Journeys with the Blessful Body...


Enrollment will be opening in 2022

Join the waitlist to be the first to know when enrollment opens again.

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Ky is AMAZING! She targets the issues I'm having in my body and helps me shift the problem areas with simple tips and effective strategies that I can follow. Her knowledge of the human body is vast and insightful!

-Summer W.

Check Out These Inspiring Stories from Some of Our Members!

"I am a new woman, not only do I have peace of mind I also had the body confidence to wear a bikini on holiday. At the age of 51 - I had covered up for years but not this year. Thank you Blessful Body for helping me find me again." ❤️ 

"The membership helps me everyday from suffering with chronic pain, anxiety, depression and panic attacks. Doing your workout every morning and hearing your voice while meditating have made a big massive change on my life."

"As a member I have become stronger and more flexible. I like my body better and have seen an improvement in my mental health. I am empowered and more intentional in my movements. Ky has helped me blossom."

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About Ky Autumn Russell, MA

Hi! I'm Ky! I hold a Master's degree in Kinesiology, am a certified Pilates and yoga instructor and Balanced Body Pilates Master Instructor Trainer. I'm a mindful movement educator, researcher, and life-enthusiast dedicated to connection. I've taught Pilates for nearly 20 years and stress management as faculty at San Jose State University.

As a busy working mom I understand how challenging it can be to give yourself even a moment to focus on your needs. That's why I developed my Pilates virtual studio and TRI-Core Method. It's the same system I used to cope while working, raising my young daughter, and caring for my mother with dementia.

I specialize in effective and efficient courses and workouts that give more vitality, focus, strength, and manage stress. My purpose is to help you connect body, mind, and spirit so you can feel great and do great work.