Back to Strength: Low Back Pilates TLC Course

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What's Included:

✨ Step by Step System to Prevent and Relieve Low Back Pain without medication!

  • Preparation: Anatomy of Spine - Easy to understand overview of how the spine works so you can have informed alignment and posture!
  • Release & Massage - Learn how to release your lower back using a ball, a roller, and your hands.  Release your hips, ribs, torso, and an amazing QL release for when your back is in a spasm.
  • ✅ Mobilize - Create healthy supple discs by gently mobilizing the spine in all directions.
  • ✅ Strengthen & Stretch - Safely and effectively strengthen and stretch your core and stabilizing systems that support the spine.
  • ✅ Challenge - How to challenge your core stability, essential for long-term back health.
  • ✅ Integrate -   Learn how to adjust alignment and posture so your spine gets full support and love everyday!
  • BONUS: Pilates for Low Back Aches Workout - A full workout that will help to sooth tired and aching low backs.  This is perfect for overall mobilization, stretching, and strengthening of the spine!
  • BONUS: FREE 21-day trial to Blessful Body Pilates HIVE!

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