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In addition to the terms and conditions I acknowledge that I have also read the disclaimer: This information is not medical or health advice. This information is to be used at my own risk and my own judgement, and I have been advised to speak with a medical professional before participating. I agree to release Ky Russell, the Blessful Body, and Russell Precision, LLC of any and all liability and responsibility of losses, liabilities, injuries, or damages. 

I realize that there are no refunds for this product due to the digital and downloadable nature of the content.

Core Accelerator

Supercharge your core strengthening and connection.

Learn how to properly and effectively engage your deep abs, pelvic floor, and back so you can improve your posture, reduce injury risks, and turn every workout into a core workout!

What you'll get:

  • Unlimited Access to the Love Your Core Pilates Workshop lessons in your online portal.
  • The Core Activation MP3 guided audio meditation so you can easily engage and strengthen your core anytime and anywhere, even in your car or at your desk!
  • Restore Your Core downloadable PDF guide to help you apply and integrate your core skills into all your workouts and daily life.

 BONUS: FREE 21-day Trial Offer to Blessful Body Pilates Hive!

***Due to the digital and downloadable nature of this product there are no refunds. When you purchase the bundle you'll receive an email with login information where you can access your workshop, downloadable guided audio and PDF guide.