Pilates for  Stress Relief: Advanced Teacher Training

Move your clients from stress, pain, and fatigue to

resiliency, power, and energy. 




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Explore the science and art of teaching Pilates for Enhanced Stress Relief to help your clients feel calmer, more energetic, and gain holistic well-being.


Learn how to utilize the secrets of nervous system regulation techniques, a game-changer for stress and pain relief.



Gain a toolbox of novel stress soothing Pilates exercises with guidance on how to best implement them so you can teach with confidence and ease.


Why Pilates for Enhanced Stress Relief?


PESR is more than just a bunch of new exercises...

It's a revolutionary approach to elevate your teaching beyond physical health. When you join PESR you'll gain the tools and understanding to positively impact your clients' overall well-being.
Immerse yourself in the science of stress and its effects on the body. Harness the power of nervous system balancing exercises, stress release techniques, and healing restoration practices.
Unlock your potential to bring holistic wellness to your Pilates classes and sessions to bring more strength, calm, and energy to your clients.


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I would definitely recommend this training to a colleague. Currently I see so many people that are dealing with significant stress and some of these people are not even aware of it. I think just being able to add little bits of the stress relief to a class is a huge benefit to all clients."

~ Katie N.

What Will I Learn?

Create Nervous System Adaptability

Give your clients the gift of a balanced and resilient nervous system by using studio friendly breathwork practices, mindfulness tools, and vagal nerve stimulation techniques.


Discharge Stored Tension, Stress, & Pain

Utilize specialized joint mobilization, self-massage, and oscillation to mobilize and melt away painful bracing in the areas of the body most susceptible to stress pain.


Restore Holistic Balance in Body, Mind, & Spirit

Promote peace and restoration for your clients through soothing rocking techniques, dynamic relaxation and deep rest so your clients can heal from the inside out.



"Ky is an expert trainer and she knows her stuff. Not only has her work allowed me to help clients, I’ve also been using the techniques I learned on myself to “reset” my own nervous system on a daily basis."

~ Aimee F.

About Ky:

Hi, I'm Ky Russell, MA!


I've been teaching Pilates for over twenty years, and have been offering instructor training programs since 2008 as a Balanced Body Educator.


I created this program after personally dealing with a critical stress period that impacted my physical, mental, and emotional health. All at once I had a toddler, was finishing my graduate studies in Kinesiology, began a new teaching position at my university, and was caring for my terminally ill mother with dementia.


I started experiencing neck and joint pain, fatigue, burn out, brain fog, mood swings, and weight gain - even though nothing had changed in my exercise or nutritional routines. 


I realized that I couldn't address my health issues until I addressed my stress issues, and Pilates for Enhanced Stress Relief was born.


Using Pilates as a foundational bedrock for healing movement, PESR blends my work in Kinesiology, breathwork, mindfulness meditation, release work, vagal nerve stimulation, and relaxation. I've successfully helped myself and hundreds of students get stronger, calmer, and more energized with this unique system.


I'm now offering this as an advanced teacher training, sharing my protocols, exercises, and techniques to bring nervous system regulation, stress pain release, and restoration into your Pilates classes and sessions. So you can help your clients break free from chronic stress and being to feel better in body, mind, and spirit!


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Frequently Asked Questions

A Note From Ky:

Chronic stress is at crisis levels for many of our clients, disrupting their physical and mental health.  If you desire to amplify the stress relief and healing you offer, this program is for you. Help your clients feel calmer, more energized, and gain holistic well-being.


Together, we'll take your teaching to a whole new level and I'll be here to guide you every step of the way!


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"This class is amazing. I took this course both for my own personal needs and for my clients. I am so glad that Ky has created this course to allow teachers to learn how to incorporate stress relief techniques into a class or private session. The techniques learned in the course can be incorporated easily into a Pilates session."

~ Katie N.


Don’t wait! Take the leap and amplify your teaching today.



Move your clients from stress, pain, and fatigue to

resiliency, power, and energy. 


Join the Waitlist and be the first to know when doors open again!