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Learn how to get relief from stress pain quickly and effectively.  This system teaches you 3 tools for stress pain relief and gives you a quick start guide to know which tool works for your specific type of stress pain.

Live Training with Ky Russell, MA

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During this live interactive training, you will discover: 

The Key to Calming and Soothing Your Pain

Regulate your nervous system so you can disrupt the Stress Pain Loop that's intensifying your pain.

How to Release Tension and Stop Spasms Quickly

Learn techniques to release your muscles and fascia that you can use to prevent a muscle ache from becoming a day-stopping spasm. 

Tools to Transform Your Stress Pain to Stay Pain Free Longer

Neuro-science based tools to re-pattern your brain from painful to peaceful so you can keep pain at bay.

Secret Steps to Transform Your Mind & Body Connection

and WHY this is such a game-changer for 40+ women! 

A Quick Start Guide to Know Which Step to Use & When

Figure out what to implement first when you're in pain so you can start feeling better faster.

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Meet Your Host: Ky Russell, M.A.

Hi, I'm Ky!

I live in Santa Cruz, CA (a wonderland of redwood forests and beaches) with my husband, daughter, and tiny dog, Scout.

Mindful movement & meditation help me live pain free and be more connected, calm, and energetic.

I have a Master's degree in Kinesiology and certifications in Pilates, meditation, yoga, and personal training with extensive background as a Pilates rehabilitative specialist at the world renowned Center for Sports Medicine at St. Francis Hospital.

Since 2001 I've helped perimenopausal women (and beyond) manage their persistent pain, heal from injuries, and lead active joyful lives.

I'm also a Master Pilates Teacher Trainer for Balanced Body, and a faculty member in Kinesiology at SJSU, specializing in embodied stress management.

I look forward to helping you feel your best in your body too!

Questions You May Have

This training is a must attend for you if you...

Desire Tools to Help You Reduce Your Back, Neck, Pelvic, or Stomach Pain in Minutes


Instead of spending an entire day or paycheck with hands-on techniques like chiropractic or massage that doesn't bring lasting relief or offer tools you can do on your own.

Dream of Peaceful, Restorative Sleep 


Yet you often spend your nights tossing and turning because of your pain and discomfort, and often wake up feeling groggy and tired instead of refreshed and energetic.

Wish to Enjoy an Active, Full Life  


Instead of being plagued by pain or the fear of pain that leave you feeling helpless, exhausted, and unable to enjoy life to its fullest.

Feel Achy, Sore, or out of Touch with Your Body  


Especially if you're also experiencing unexplained weight gain and bloating (particularly in the mid-section), or are having more injuries and pain.  

What are you waiting for? Come and join us!