Love Your Core 

Pilates Workshop


Connect & Strengthen your Core in just 15 minutes a day!

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In this free video series you'll learn:


The secret way to strengthen your deep abs

You'll learn how to recruit the deep abdominal muscles so you can strengthen your core in almost any exercise - without a ton of sit-ups


Easy steps to improve your pelvic floor function

A toned and elastic pelvic floor is an essential ingredient to a well-functioning core AND the secret to ending urinary leakage & pelvic pain.


The hidden reason for most low back pain

Low-back pain and discomfort is often related to inadequate core control. You'll learn how to balance the core for a strong, healthy spine. 


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You + Love Your Core Pilates = everything you need to get your core strength started!


Maybe you've thought that it would take tons of time you don't have to connect and strengthen your core.

Or maybe you thought that the only way to get a strong core was to do hundreds of painful sit-ups or planks.

The truth is, this core video series will show you how to actually strengthen your deep core in just a few minutes each day, without pain! 

After practicing the exercises I felt I was more aware of my core, breathing better, and standing taller.  Thank you for your step by step and clear guidance to achieve this amazing feeling.

~ Azita C.

After Love Your Core Pilates Workshop - You'll Have a Whole New Understanding of Your Core! 

  • Properly engage your true core, instead of wasting your time with endless crunches that aren't targeting your deep core!
  • Make every workout more effective once you know how to recruit your core to stabilize and improve any exercise! 
  • Reduce back pain and improve your posture once your core is fully supporting you in all your activities!

A Note From Ky...


I'm a  certified teacher in Pilates + yoga, and Balanced Body® Master Pilates Teacher with a Master's degree in Kinesiology.

I created this core strengthening workshop for you after 20+ years of teaching women and other Pilates instructors about core function. I witnessed all the poor core training and misinformation most women receive and wanted to provide this free resource to help.

You can easily learn to tone and connect your core so you can move with ease and grace, reduce your risk of injury, and confidently enjoy all your favorite activities in less than 15 minutes a day!

My core workshop combines Pilates, yoga, functional anatomy, stress relief, biomechanics, and mindful breathwork to help you create dynamic, long-lasting strength in an intelligent, sensible way.

Let me know how it goes!


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