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Have you had a hard time strengthening your core?

Most workouts don't accurately and precisely show you how to strengthen and engage your core. 

The Love Your Core Video Course is a workout series that will tone your core muscles so you can access core support in almost any workout or activity. 

Join Ky Russell, MA and certified Pilates instructor in this incredible FREE 5-Day Challenge.

Join the Free Course!

You don't want to miss your chance to learn my step-by-step process to tone and love your deep core muscles.

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Ky's core strengthening system targets the issues I'm having in my body and helps me shift the problem areas with simple tips and effective strategies that I can follow. Her knowledge of the human body is vast and insightful!

Summer Waters - LAc, NTP, CGP

What You'll Get In the Course

Instructional Videos

You'll receive an email with a video that explains how to activate and strengthen each component of your core.


You'll get access to the Blessful Body Community Facebook Group, where you'll get support and encouragement from myself and the community.


Each video is less than 15 minutes and can be viewed on any device. So you can do something positive for your body without spending hours getting to the gym or studio.

Core Clarity

You'll know my step-by-step process to strengthen your core that I've perfected over years of teaching busy, amazing women like yourself.


After the 5 days you'll know how to effectively utilize your core to give you support during any workout or activity so you can move and live with confidence in your body.

Meet Your Core Leader

Hi! I'm Ky Autumn Russell, MA. A Kinesiology faculty instructor and Pilates expert who has taught countless women how to understand, engage, and strengthen their core so they could master movements and live their most active life! I've created my core connection system through years of experience as a mind-body movement coach, Balanced Body Master Pilates Instructor Trainer, and postpartum exercise researcher.  And now I am sharing my system with you.


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