Help your clients reduce stress & pain with this simple mindfulness technique.

Includes an easy to follow script and short video lesson to bring stress release and nervous system balance into your practice today.









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In this Mindful Minute Pilates Starter Pack you'll learn:


A simple yet powerful way to begin your Pilates classes with mindfulness and nervous system regulation

You'll receive an easy to follow sequence and script that will prime your clients' body and mind to get more success during their entire session. 


The importance of nervous system regulation for your clients' well-being, pain relief, and fitness gains!

Not only will your clients feel better with a balanced nervous system, but they'll be able to more effectively and efficiently strengthen, stretch, reduce pain, and mobilize once they've released chronic stress and down-regulated to the parasympathetic nervous system.



How to easily adapt Pilates exercises for enhanced nervous system regulation & stress relief

Learn how to balance and support the nervous system by optimizing Pilates tools you already know and teach  - bringing your clients more stress relief, pain reduction, and increasing client retention!

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You + the Mindful Moment Starter = everything you need to start tackling stress & optimizing your clients' nervous systems - without turning your session into a meditation or yoga class!


Maybe you've thought that stress reducing mindfulness techniques were too "woo-woo" or alternative for your clients.

Or maybe it seemed like mindfulness techniques would be too slow for clients who only want to work their abs and strengthen their core (we've all had those clients - amiright?).

Either way, this Mindful Moment Starter is the perfect way to get started. Your clients may not even realize that you're balancing their nervous systems, but they will know that they have less chronic pain and feel more relaxed, energized, and restored after your sessions - increasing your client satisfaction and retention!

Get Confidence Addressing Your Clients' Holistic Needs - Without Sacrificing Their Physical Gains!

  • Learn to balance and regulate the nervous system through intentional mindfulness. 
  • Break the stress-pain cycle so your clients can feel relief from chronic pain.
  • Once you've helped your clients optimize their nervous system your strengthening, flexibility, and mobilization efforts will be more effective and long-lasting.
  • Learn how to confidently apply and modify the Mindful Moment Starter so it can benefit any client or class.

A Note From Ky...


Hello dear! I'm so excited you're here!

Incorporating stress releasing mindfulness tools into my Pilates sessions and classes has increased my clients' results, and given me a deeper purpose and satisfaction with my teaching and I'm so excited to share this with you!

I've been a certified Pilates instructor since 2002, and a Master Instructor for Balanced Body Education since 2008. I started incorporating intentional stress relief and mindfulness into my work after my mother was diagnosed with dementia in 2013. As a new mom with a full Pilates teaching schedule while also finishing my Master's degree in Kinesiology, I wasn't able to maintain my health until I began incorporating intentional stress management into my routines.

Once I realized that many of my clients benefitted enormously from nervous system regulation through mindful movement, I refined and developed a system for embodied stress relief in the studio, and as a faculty member in Kinesiology at San Jose State University. I've combined my decades of experience teaching Pilates with current research, and my work as a certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher and Yoga Instructor. Now I'm delighted to share these Pilates for Enhanced Stress Relief tools with more Pilates teachers so you can enjoy these benefits too!

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