EPISODE 19: Growth Mindset According
to my 6 Year Old

May 11, 2019

Have you heard about the power of having a growth mindset yet?

Well my 6-year old is joining me on the podcast to give you all the details on how this powerful tool can do wonders for your life!

Join me in a spontaneous Mother's Day special episode where I interview my little sweetie and she tells us all about the benefits of a growth mindset.

The coolest part of this episode is that it was 100% my daughter's idea and completely impromptu.

Here's how it happened.

T. came into my office the other night and started talking into my microphone about growth mindset. Then I asked her if she wanted to do a podcast and she said yes, so I quickly started recording.

Now I am thrilled to have a little recording of my sweet one (two weeks before she turns 7), and it was the best Mother's Day treat for me.

Kid friendly episode!

So if you've got little ones of your own I recommend listening to this together. I'm sure it'll be  fun for them to hear a kid explaining something for a change.

And even if you don't have kids, listen to it too! It's fascinating to get a peek into the mind of a little one.

I'm also really happy because this is the first episode where I've interviewed a guest! My baby got to be my first guest on the podcast.

So come hang out with us in this bonus episode. You'll get to learn all about how to keep going when it's hard, and above all you'll get to hear this proud mama bear's heart bursting open with love during the show.

In this episode we'll discuss:

* What growth mindset is

* How to cultivate a growth mindset

* The benefits of resilience and persistence

* Examples of how to use growth mindset skills in everyday life

If you'd like to hear of a time that I turned my thinking around with patience inducing practices (almost one year earlier to the day) then check out this Facebook video from last May.

Apparently thinking about thinking is a family trait during this time of year!

When's a time when you demonstrated a growth mindset? Tell me below in the comments!




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