My Favorite Tools for Your Home Practice

These are my favorite props to help deepen your Pilates and yoga practice and get the most out of your home workouts. I consider sustainability, price, and labor practices when recommending a product as well as ease of use for teaching and personal practice.

Amazon Favorites

While I prefer to recommend you source items directly from Balanced Body I recognize that Amazon may be a better option for some. I have a complete Amazon favorites list where you can easily order all of my favorite products from brands I trust and love. Click here to access my Amazon store.

7% Discount on Balanced Body Equipment & Props

Balanced Body is my preferred supplier for equipment, props, and teacher training. I have the honor of being a Balanced Body Master Pilates Instructor and intimately know that they are a high quality, sustainable, and ethical company. I always recommend sourcing directly from Balanced Body when at all possible! If you're looking for equipment like a reformer, trap table, or chair or props like mats, foam rollers, or magic circles click here to claim your discount first!

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