EPISODE 15: Are You Ready to Move
Your Body this Spring?

May 14, 2019

Spring time is almost here an that means a whole lot more activity!

Are you ready for it?

It's not too late to start focusing on how to prep and cross-train your body so you can burst into spring full of energy and ready to play as hard as you like in somme beautiful sunshine.


I'm focusing on everything you need for your Springtime prep so you can avoid injury and decrease risk of overtraining.

It's so important I've even created a FREE Spring Renewal 5-day Pilates Challenge starting March 25th.  You can sign up by going here to register.

In this episode I'll discuss:

* What to focus on now so you're ready to tackle springtime fun

* How to quickly and easily strengthen your balance and agility

* How to cross-train year round so you're always prepped for activity!

Links in this episode:

Spring Renewal 5-Day Pilates Challenge

Blessful Body Youtube Channel

So what are you looking forward to this Spring that you haven't been able to do for a while? (Mine is playing on the beach) I'd love to know what you think - share in the comments below!




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