13 Minute Pilates Standing Abs & Arms Home Workout to Perk Up Your Day

Mar 17, 2021
picture of a woman doing a standing Pilates abdominal exercise. She's standing on her mat and lifting one leg while curling her upper body towards her lifted leg.

Ever have a case of the Mondays? 

That's what I call those days when I'm feeling a little stressed, blah, or down. It can be ANY day of the week, not just on Monday.

It's for those days when I KNOW that moving my body will help me feel more energized, and help me be more productive and focused. Yet even though I know this, it's still a challenge to actually get myself on my mat and working out.

Yes, even Pilates teachers have days where it's a struggle to make a workout happen, and days when a workout DOESN'T happen! And that's okay - I firmly believe in and recommend an ALL OR SOMETHING approach to wellness, which includes rest days and do-nothing days, hard workout days, and everything in between.

So for days that feel like Mondays even when they're not, I love short, uplifting workout snacks to help shift energy and get you moving. This standing Pilates 13 minute workout offers up all of that!


This is a quick standing Pilates and yoga fusion series that uses small weights and some light cardio to help you feel energized and strong throughout your day.

It's perfect to do during your day at work or before taking a walk or hike - it will keep you connected and strong! (you don't need weights for the arms - even just doing them without weights will be beneficial)!

There are small jumps in this video - if it feels uncomfortable for you please omit and just shift side to side instead!

There's no long cool-down in this video but you can add a stretch to it if you like! It ends on a high note to keep you active and moving.

Pilates and Yoga Exercises Include:

Small Jumping Shifts

Standing Hip Circles


Standing Ab Series

Squats with Arms

Side Bends with Triceps

Small Jumping Shifts

 Hope you enjoy this workout - let me know how it goes!

Much Love,



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