Pilates Holiday Gift Guide

Dec 11, 2020
a picture of light hand weights sometimes used for Pilates classes with a bow wrapped around one sitting on a yoga mat

It's time for our holiday gift guide and I'm excited to share some of my favorite Pilates-based gift ideas for all your loved ones (and for you). PLUS I've got a discount for you on these Balanced Body® props and equipment!

I know that many of our holidays are going to be really different this year, so I'm excited to share my love of movement and health with my loved ones to help make their days a little easier in the coming months.

I've selected some of my favorite Pilates props for this guide that will help beginners establish their home practice and bring some variety to more advanced practitioners. 

Many of these gifts are useful, durable, or virtual so they won't create a lot of excess waste later!

Discounts on Purchases at Balanced Body®

To receive a discount on all your purchases at Balanced Body® click on one of my affiliate links below.

Balanced Body® is a family company with strong environmental and social justice policies. I'm fortunate to have be one of their Master Pilates Instructor Trainers so I really know that they are a great company to work with. They also have excellent customer service and reliability - almost all of my props and equipment in my studio are from Balanced Body®!

If you prefer to shop on Amazon, you can also find many of these products by clicking here to go to my favorite products lists. 


Pilates Props and Equipment Gifts


 Mat Props under $40.00


Pilates Ultra Fit Circle and Ultra Fit Circle Mini (Magic Circles)

This quality take on the classic Magic Circle is one of my favorite Pilates props. The lightweight design helps complement all your mat work to get more resistance and challenge in any exercise! There's also a mini sized version that I prefer for inner thigh work - check them both out here!

 To shop the Ultra-fit circle on Amazon click here.




Foam Rollers - Magic Roller Medium Density

These grey rollers are some of my favorite because they are hard enough to get a good myofascial release but soft enough to not be painful! They're also durable and long-lasting, unlike many softer rollers which become lumpy over time. I recommend that everyone have a foam roller, so this should be the first item on your wish list! 

To find a similar product on Amazon click here.




Small Balls for Challenging and Releasing

Small balls are some of my favorite props for Pilates home and studio workouts. Inflatable soft balls can add stability challenges and resistance work to many exercises, and small firm balls are fabulous for rolling out and self-massage. You can find a wide variety by clicking here!





Home Studio Equipment


Pilates Arc

The arc is lightweight, versatile, and guaranteed to get your core connected in no time! It's a great addition to a home studio or gym because it can be easily stored anywhere (even hanging on a wall), and offers up so many options to stretch and move in just a few minutes. It's the perfect tool when working or staying safe at home!

 To shop the Pilates Arc on Amazon click here.




Pilates Reformer

There is absolutely no better piece of equipment for your home studio than a Balanced Body Reformer! I recommend the Allegro series for home usage because it is robust and can be placed on legs. The IQ reformer is another good option for home usage, as it can fold for easy storage but it can't be lifted so has some exercise limitations. Click this link to find information about all the reformer models.





Pilates Hive Gift Membership

The perfect complement to any Pilates prop or equipment is a gift certificate for the Blessful Body® Pilates Hive Membership! 

One of the most important aspects of a Pilates practice is HOW the exercises are performed, and the Blessful Body® Hive is full of tutorials explaining important exercises and principles in Pilates, as well as 100+ Pilates workouts and stress relieving meditations, and live classes with me. Your gift membership also includes access to the Pilates Kickstarter Foundations Mastery course to ensure beginners are set up for success as they progress. 

When you purchase a gift certificate you'll receive a special code and link to give to your loved one so they can redeem it whenever they like. You can customize and then send the gift certificate electronically to your loved one - it's quick and easy!

I'd love to support you or your loved one - click here to check it out!



I hope that you're able to have holidays that support, nourish, and fulfill you. I know there is a lot of grief and loss this season for almost all of us, and I'm sending you lots of love and support for a healthy end to 2020.

Much love,



All photos courtesy of Balanced Body®

This post contains affiliate links, meaning that I receive a small commission when you make a purchase after clicking on them.  

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