Embodied Stress Management to Help You Reduce Stress with Movement: Guest Workshop with Balanced Body®

Jan 28, 2021
picture of a woman stretching forward and holding her toes while seated. The photo says Deeper Dive, Embodied Stress Management featuring Ky Autumn Russell. Watch Now!

Simple Ways to Reduce Stress in Just Minutes a Day

By now you've probably heard that stress can be one of the most harmful things for your health, but you might not know what to do to buffer yourself from the impacts of stress.

And unless you have a plan in place for how to deal with stress, it's also quite likely that when you're actually experiencing a stressful event you won't remember what steps to take to help you move through stress.

However, in this free workshop I taught for Balanced Body Pilates® (the world's largest manufacturer of Pilates equipment), I explain how you can create a plan for calming your nervous system so you can quickly and efficiently recover from stress.

To get the most out of this workshop I recommend downloading the FREE PDF Stress Relief Checklist by clicking here. It includes 10 of my most effective stress busting tools!

I'll show the simple things you can do each day to help you become more resilient to stress and how to create a simple Stress-Care Plan following my ABC's of stress relief.

We also end the workshop with a 25 minute Stress Cleansing Pilates based movement class to help you get some instant relaxation and calm.

Make sure not to miss:

  • The Basics of Stress - What it is and Why it's Important
  • Long-Term Chronic Stress & Its Impacts on Your Health
  • Simple Stress Relief Techniques that Instantly Ease Stress
  • How to Create a Sustainable Stress-Care Plan
  • A Sample Stress-Busting Pilates Flow Class

To get the most benefits from this workshop, I recommend that you start with 1 self-care tip. When that technique feels easy and relaxed to do then I suggest adding in another one. You only need a few techniques that resonate with you to make a difference!

This will also help you avoid the stressful sensation of overwhelm. 

Remember to get your free Stress Relief PDF guide by clicking here!

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