Foam Roller Calf & Lower Leg 6 Minute Massage to Relieve Tension and Improve Mobility

Feb 25, 2021
Picture of a woman using a foam roller to massage her lower legs.

The Calf Massage - Love It or Leave It? Video Below!

If you've got low back aches, neck pain, tension in your legs, or get frequent calf cramps, you might be surprised to hear that a calf massage is probably just what you need!

If you just cringed at the thought, I invite you to check out this quick 6 minute tutorial on how to roll out your lower legs and calves. I show you to do a quick, effective, and not terribly painful calf massage using a foam roller.

You'll be amazed to notice how your lower back, neck, and even headaches can all improve after this simple series! If you're a runner you're going to love this!

If you need foam roller recommendations - scroll below to find my favorites.

How can releasing your calves help your neck feel better?

The reason why is because of fascia. You may not have heard of fascia but you definitely have felt its impacts (the good and the bad)!

Fascia is a type of connective tissue that gives shape and structure to muscular fibers, organs, and even connects your skin. As muscles contract and release fascia helps to communicate what's happening through fascial lines or pathways in the bottom. 

One of these pathways, the deep posterior line runs from the bottom of your feet, through your calves, the back of your thighs, up your back, and wraps over your head to end at your eyebrows!

Fascia is constantly involved in every movement our bodies make, it's actually called the super information highway of your body! One of the things that can happen to fascia is that over time, it can become less pliable and more sticky, getting tighter and less supple.

Especially in areas that don't get a lot of big juicy movements throughout the day, or areas where we tend to hang out in a particular posture. (Note - if you wear heels - it's really a good idea to release your calves regularly).

When we release the muscles and fascia in our calves it will impact muscles and joints all over the entire body, especially up the back of the body. Over time, our fascia gets less stuck and becomes more mobile which improves flexibility, mobility, and just helps us feel more comfortable!

Since the back of the calves and the back of the body is constantly working to help us stand upright and balance, it can hold onto a LOT of tension throughout the day! This release will help alleviate that tension, and help you let go of stress throughout your entire body too!

To get a longer release and massage session move to this hip and upper leg tutorial next, just click here for my Foam Roller Hip Massage video.

Foam Roller Recommendations:

The magic roller is a long-lasting roller that doesn't get lumpy really quickly like so many other rollers on the market. It's also made by a quality company that meets my standards for environmental and labor practices.

If you prefer to shop on Amazon, I also have some recommendations on their platform as well. You can find them by clicking here.

 I hope you try this one! It can make your body feel amazing in just a few minutes!




Note: this post may contain affiliate links, meaning that if you purchase a product after clicking on this link I would receive a % of the sale (yet you wouldn't pay anything extra).  I only recommend products that I believe are high quality, effective, and are hopefully concerned about ethical environmental and labor practices.

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