Foam Roller Stretch and Release Quick Tip

Sep 04, 2021

Open Your Chest and Shoulders

Ever have that feeling like your chest is tightening up and it's just getting harder and harder to keep your back upright?

Maybe you've been working at a desk all day, or driving, or maybe you even did a bunch of push-ups and now your arms and chest are really sore.

This Quick Tip Movement Snack on the Pilates Foam Roller is the solution!

Grab your foam roller and follow along with this 30 second video.

Your chest will be more open and your back won't have to work as hard to keep your posture healthy and aligned!

I do this sequence almost every evening to help me unwind from the day, release stress, and boost my posture. 

It helps to set me up for restful sleep. It's also great to do throughout the day to support your core and postural muscles.

If you'd like detailed verbal instructions on a similar foam rolling sequence I recommend this Foam Roller Shoulder Massage and Stretch video on my Youtube channel.

Try them out and let me know how it goes!


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