Gentle Mobility Pilates for Your Busy Days: 13 Minutes to Energize and Mobilize

Nov 19, 2020

Hello lovely,

How's your mornings going these days?

Do you have an easy morning routine that helps you start your day with some TLC? 

It's one of the most important parts of the day for my mental health. Having some time to focus on me before the rest of the household wakes up has been a gamechanger in how I face and enjoy my days (and how I relate to others too)!

I know if you don't think of yourself as a morning person then you're probably thinking that there's no way for you to have a morning ritual and I GET IT!! 

I’m actually not a natural morning person, so getting up early is often a struggle for me! So I have developed a system of 3 options I can do depending on how much time I have each morning that will help guide your morning whether you're a night owl or an early bird. 

I call it my EBD morning method, standing for Express, Basic, or Deluxe Mornings.

Similar to the levels of beauty treatments at a spa, I recommend everyone have options for their morning that depends on what level of care they’ve got time and resources for.

What to do in your morning routine?

  • deep breathing
  • meditation
  • mindfulness
  • journaling
  • affirmations
  • gratitude
  • walking
  • and of course - Pilates and yoga!

The trick is to find a few activities that YOU enjoy for your morning routines, and decide which ones belong in your EBD. Mine looks like this:

E = Express (<5 minutes) - hot lemon water, a statement of affirmation or gratitude, or 3 deep breaths

B  = Basic (5 - 20 minutes) - the express + a 15 meditation or movement practice

D = Deluxe (more than 20 minutes) - the basic + movement AND meditation

By having my EBD planned in advance I always have something I can do for myself no matter when I wake up!

Fortunately, once you start practicing a morning routine it does get easier to get up and get going too!

In fact, I completely lost my morning habit while we were evacuated from our home during the CA wildfires this fall. Now that we're home and settled again 🙏🙏🙏 I’ve made it my healthy habit priority for the month. Blessful Body members know it’s our November Blessful Living theme, and it’s definitely helping me to know there’s others focusing on creating healthy mornings with me too!

If you don’t have a sacred morning practice I encourage you to create an express version this week. Make it simple and easy to do. It can be an affirmation you do before getting out of bed, journaling about gratitude for 5 minutes, or sitting with a cup of hot water and focusing on the present moment.

When you start your day with an intentional ritual that is just for you, it sets the tone for you to give yourself more care throughout your day.

For days when you have more time, experiment and create your Basic and Deluxe morning routines too!

The workout I'm sharing this week would be perfect for mornings when you’ve got a bit more time - it incorporates gentle Pilates, breathing, and mindfulness so it will help you wake up your body, mind, and spirit in a soothing, nourishing way! And since it’s only 13 minutes long it can work for almost any morning routine.

Try out this workout and let me know how it feels, and let me know if you’ve got your EBD Morning Method planned.

Have a Blessful day lovely,


P.S.  You can also find this workout on Youtube by clicking here.   Be sure to subscribe on my Youtube channel to be notified when all my Pilates and yoga workouts are released.


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