Relieve Tight Hip Flexors With This Dynamic Stretch

May 04, 2022

The Hip Flexor Stretch is an important exercise for relieving tight hips, and it is a great practice to do if you're feeling tight or restricted in the front of your hips.

Tight and uncomfortable hip flexors are regularly caused by stress or repetitive sitting. Over time this can lead to postural imbalances, weakness, and pain.

This tutorial will teach you how to target a level pelvis alignment and overcome stretch reflex through muscle activation and release, so we are stretching safely and efficiently. As always, there should be no pain with this stretch, work within your own mobility and aim for a light stretch. 

** I recommend doing this stretch after you've been moving for a bit instead of doing it immediately after sitting for a long period of time. Get up walk around, or roll out your quads with a foam roller first to help your muscles be more receptive to the stretch. It's also great as an after workout cool-down!

Optional Props: a towel to cushion the knee, or a chair or wall to support with balance

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