How to Know if Your Pilates Workout is Helping Your Back Pain

Sep 08, 2019

are you practicing Pilates because you have back pain and you've heard that Pilates is great for decreasing back pain?

Well you're definitely not wrong - results from numerous studies have shown that Pilates is excellent at increasing core strength, stabilizing the spine, and decreasing back pain.

It's important to realize though that not all Pilates is as effective at reducing back pain as others.

How to make sure Pilates is helping your back:

-No Pain, All Gain: Pilates should never hurt your spine (or anywhere else)

-Quality not Quantity: How you're moving is often more important than what you're doing. Make sure to stay focused and centered throughout your movements.

-Know your Modifications: Follow whatever guidelines your doctor has given you for your particular diagnosis. Also, once your back pain is improving check back in to find out when you can reintroduce more movements.

-Watch this Video: I explain it all in this video in much more detail. It's short cause I know you're busy, but has a lot of important info.



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Much love friend!



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