Pilates for Neck and Shoulder Computer Pain Relief

May 13, 2021

Eliminate upper body stress and discomfort from technology usage with this seated workout. You can do this seated on the ground or in a chair - whatever works best for you!

Designed to combat the effects of computer and phone usage, you'll strengthen and stretch your arms, hands, and back. This is a great way to relieve sore or achy arms, necks, and shoulders  AND it's also a great way to condition your upper body to prevent technology stress.

You can easily recognize that your upper body works in big ways to reach, lift, and carry items large and small. And also does the tiny movements of writing, typing, stroking your beloved’s hair, buttoning someone’s coat, cooking, and cleaning. 

Power and grace dance in your arms and hands. 

Your upper body can certainly feel this contrast - our wrists and forearms can suffer from too much technology usage, our shoulders and neck can tighten and tense from the big and small moves. 

We also often know how our internal landscape is doing by how our neck and shoulders feel - our thoughts, stress, anxiety, grief, happiness, and joy can all leave their mark on our neck and shoulders too.

So what to do? 

Train your upper body diversely. That means sometimes you’ll work hard lifting, pushing, and pulling to gain strength and endurance. But also focus on stretches and nervous system balancing exercises that will help you increase your mobility and release tension throughout your entire upper body. Consciously manage stress each day to help you navigate the internal strains that show up in your upper body.

Mostly, treat your upper body to some gentle, loving kindness as regularly as you can. Do this soothing 12-minute movement snack today and repeat some of the movements regularly each day.

Keep your arms moving, your neck supported, and your heart open. Repeat often to keep your upper body pain-free!

I hope that this workout helps you care for yourself. If you enjoyed it please let me know.

Much love dear,


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