Pilates for Grief Workout

Oct 02, 2019

I wanted to share a special workout with you friend to help you during times of grief.

It’s not a typical Pilates or yoga workout, but it’s been really helpful in my own grief process.

This was the first movement sequence I did after my mother passed in June. I didn’t feel like moving or working out at all for several weeks after she died.

I honored that and let my body dictate what it needed during that time. When I did want to move again I did a gentle exploration based practice that felt really good afterwards. I wrote it down because I knew that I wanted to share it with all of you someday.

Then I recently updated the sequence with some of the techniques I learned during my Grief Yoga™ Teacher Certification course and I’m sharing this new combo class with you.

I originally had planned for this workout to only be available to my Pilates virtual membership but I realized that I wanted to share it with our broader community.

If you are coping with grief and loss, I hope that this can maybe help you start to move or find a healing movement practice when you’re ready.

My Thoughts on Pilates for Grief:

-Listen to Your Body: You have my permission to modify and change anything and everything. 

-Be Kind to Yourself: When you're dealing with grief it can be challenging to make it through your days. Cut yourself some slack and be kind.

-Grief is Exhausting: One of the most helpful tips I heard during my Grief Yoga™ Teacher Training was the reminder that grief is exhausting. This Pilates for Grief class is gentle and designed to help you move energy without exhausting all of yours.

-Early Grief can Last a Long Time: My teacher, David Kessler, a world renowned grief expert, shared that he sees the first year after a loss as particularly challenging because it’s a year of firsts without our loved one (first holidays, birthdays, etc.). Then the second year can be difficult because it’s the first year that isn’t full of firsts.

So take your time and practice patience. Expect that your grief will ebb and flow as time goes on (this one is hard for me to remember).

-Seek Help: Find a therapist or counseling group, or even a Grief Yoga™ class. My other teacher, Paul Denniston, the founder of Grief Yoga™ has many wonderful resources at his website.

-Know that I Love You: It's true! I do.

Much love friend!


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