Pilates for Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief

Aug 25, 2019
photo of a woman doing Pilates. She has her arms behind her back to stretch them. Title says, Pilates for Shoulder and Neck Relief

Do you have neck or shoulder tension while at work? Here's a simple, easy Pilates workout you can do that will relieve neck and shoulder pain while you're at work.

It's only 9 minutes long and ca be done while seated or standing - anytime you need a break or feel some tension creeping in.

This Pilates workout targets the neck and shoulders because so many activities during the day can tighten and overwork the shoulders.

More Tips for Reducing Workplace Discomfort

Take Regular Breaks

-Move your upper body: Pause and practice the exercises from this video throughout your day.

-Go for a walk: Once an hour get up and take a quick stroll. Go get a drink of water, or hand deliver a  note instead of sending an email to a co-worker

-Rest your eyes: Give your eyes a break from the screen. Focus on looking out the window or go outside and look at something in the distance. This will help you avoid eye strain and upper body strain.

-Focus on reducing stress: Practice deep diaphragmatic breaths throughout your day to help keep stress at bay. Muscular tension caused from stress is called bracing, and is a common cause of neck and shoulder pain and discomfort.




I'd love to hear if these tips helped your neck and shoulders feel better throughout your days - comment below if you tried it!

Much love friend!




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