Pilates Complete Core Workout

Feb 12, 2021
a picture of a woman in a Pilates exercise. She is on a mat doing a modified side plank on her elbow and knee. The name of the workout, Pilates Complete Core are written on the image.

Can You Build Core Strength Without Sit-Ups? (scroll down for workout to find out) ;)

When you think of core work do you think of an endless amount of sit-ups that make your back and neck ache? I hope not friends - and this week's core workout will show you that you don't need sit-ups to get a supple, engaged core.

Because sit-ups don't ACTUALLY strengthen your core. They strengthen your abs but that's not the same thing!

In fact, sit-ups can lead to tightness and disruption in your core's functioning and make it harder for you to have comfortable alignment, posture, and core support throughout your day! 

I know you might be confused, especially if you're like me and had to do withstand the annual gym class sit-up test to prove how physically fit we were ALL through grade school! 

And of course, so many workouts throw a million sit-ups at you as their core program. Even Pilates teachers can overdo abdominal strengthening in their enthusiasm.

Why would they do this if sit-ups don't actually work?

Well, for one thing, they're challenging and they do certainly FEEL like they're strengthening your core. That abdominal burn can trick students (and teachers alike) into thinking they're targeting the core. 

The truth is that you'll get better core results from a workout that targets your deep ab muscles (not just the sit-up muscles), your deep back muscles. Then you add in exercises that strengthen the rest of your torso stabilization muscles (the obliques, the erector spinae back muscles, your glutes, etc.). 

This 18 minute Complete Core Workout will connect and strengthen your inner and outer core, and the rest of your torso. This type of strength will reduce neck and shoulder tension, improve posture, and help you feel balanced and aligned!

Let me know how it goes and have a beautiful day!


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