Quick and Spicy Pilates Mat Workout to Finish 2020

Dec 30, 2020

It's almost time to say goodbye to 2020 - and I'm sure you are just as ready as I am to move on from this year.

Before we can move forward it's helpful to spend some time reflecting and processing all that's happened during the past year (especially this year). Then we can let go of everything that won't be useful to us as we move ahead.

This workout is a wonderful way to help you get in touch with your deep core physically, which will help you connect to your emotional and mental centers as well - so it's perfect to do before reflecting and thinking about the previous year. 

Most of my workouts are designed to help you connect to all aspects of yourself, so we can create holistic strength and well-being through the focus of nourishing, healing Pilates based movement!

So enjoy one last Blessful Pilates workout this year then check out my podcast on how to finish your year before moving into the new one. I'll walk you through step by step through my end of the year reflection ritual.

I've had so much great feedback about this podcast episode I encourage you to try it - I recorded it several years ago, but it is incredibly relevant today as well!

Enjoy this workout and reflection ritual - it can be your own mini-retreat to finish out 2020!

Much love and gratitude,


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