Why Focus on Stress Relief?

Sep 23, 2021
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A few days ago I was asked how I got into teaching stress management.

I realized I've never actually shared the backstory, and it explains a lot about why I'm obsessed with stress and why I spend so much time trying to get folks to consciously think about stress. 

You see, I'm not naturally a mellow person. Some might even call me high-strung. When folks meet me at cocktail parties (remember those?) and hear I teach stress management the #1 response I get is a giggle. 

Seriously, people think it's funny that I teach stress management.

And I get it.

I wired to be a little bit more on the hyper/stressed/anxious type.

So my journey to stress management definitely was fueled by chance and good fortune. Not only for my professional life, but also for my health.

Once I started practicing conscious stress management, I started to see big shifts in my health and well-being.

And when I started teaching and sharing these techniques I saw those big shifts and improvement in my clients and students. Things like:

  • more energy
  • easier strength gains
  • less body aches and pains
  • less bloating
  • less anxiety
  • and more fun

This all started happening when folks started thinking more about how to not only relieve their stress, but also to actively reduce stress too.

I explain it all in this video and fill you in on how I went from stressed out to blessed out!


If you'd like quick and effective stress relief, check out my easy guide with 10 Simple Steps to Reduce Stress here!

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