EPISODE 17: How to do a Mindfulness Walk
so you can be Present, Calm and Focused

April 17, 2019

Come walk with me!

I'm mixing things up this week!

It's Earth Day soon, and it's National Stress Awareness Month so I wanted to share one of my favorite stress relief activities - a mindfulness walk.

Not only does this relieve stress but it can also increase our connection to nature - (which in itself is a stress relieving technique).  It's a win-win.

Let's take a walk - shall we?

I encourage you to lace up your sneakers (or go barefoot for bonus points) and take a walk while I guide you through this meditation.

It can help you increase focus, decrease stress, and improve your ability to be more mindful in all your other activities throughout your day!

Mindfulness not only makes us more healthy, but can also improve relationships and lead to more life satisfaction!

You don't have to do this walk outside but if it's possible I encourage you to try it outdoors, but you can still get loads of benefits from doing this anywhere, anytime!

It's one of my favorites!

In this episode I'll discuss:

* What mindfulness is

* The benefits of mindfulness

* Then we'll go through the mindfulness walk together!

Links in this episode:

Make Mindful Presence your Present - episode link

If you practice this walk please comment below and let me know if you discovered anything new on your path! It's amazing sometimes what we can see/hear/feel when we're focusing!




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