How to Roll-Out Your Feet with a Tennis Ball

Apr 09, 2019
picture of a foot standing on a release ball in a Pilates or yoga studio

Need some relaxation and release from muscular tension?


If you're like most folks you probably do (at least from time to time).


This is a quick tutorial on how to bring full-body release using only a tennis ball on your feet! It's my favorite sequence that addresses all the common tight spots in the feet.




Releasing the muscle and fascia of your feet can bring relief to your legs, lower back, and shoulders.


It's also a great technique to use when your feet are tired after a long day at work or from wearing shoes.


If you want to understand why stress affects our muscle tissue in the first place and how to keep it from happening - check out podcast episode 16, Easy Ways to Relax Your Body.


What's your favorite tool for muscular release? A tennis ball, a roller, your hands, or something else? Let me know in the comments below!

Much love friend!




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