Quick Tip: Neuroscience Hack to Improve Chest and Arm Flexibility

Feb 23, 2022

Attune Your Nervous System to Stretch, Ease tension, and Feel Great in 5 Minutes!

A global shift towards a sedentary lifestyle has left many of us to experience pain or strain in our upper body and low back. This is especially common if you work on a computer or have a sedentary job. 

Practicing flexibility and mobility allows you to reduce pain, prevent injury, improve posture and balance! It is an important aspect to your wellbeing! 

I have a new technique for you to try today, and it is quick and effective! It will help you increase flexibility, decrease stress, and feel grounded. 

In this workout, we will tune into other senses to allow more range of motion. By accessing our sight and hearing with stretching, we are telling our nervous system that we can be a little more expansive! 

Use this technique as a movement break from working at a computer or anytime you’re closing off your chest. 

This exercise is based off research from The Huberman Lab Podcast by Dr. Andrew Huberman. He is a tenured Professor of Neurobiology and Opthalmology at Stanford School of Medicine. 

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