Shoulder Strength and Stretch: 11-MInute Pilates Workout to Improve Posture, Relieve Tension, & Tone

Feb 05, 2021
picture of a woman sitting on a Pilates mat. Her arms are open wide and she is gently extending her spine to stretch the front of her chest.

Take a moment and pause - where are your shoulders? How does your neck feel? How are you sitting?

As you're reading this on some sort of electronic device it's safe to say that your upper body might be in less than optimal alignment, causing some sort of discomfort or aches.
Fortunately, you're reading this post which happens to have a quick and effective upper body Pilates workout in it, which will not only improve your alignment and posture but help you reduce shoulder and neck tension too! 
I know that I'm feeling a lot of upper body stiffness at the end of a long week (which I spent taking a  virtual Master Instructor Barre training with Balanced Body®). Even though I was moving and teaching a lot, I was still on my computer for many extra hours and that almost always impacts the upper body in some way.
And yes, a Master Instructor Training is as fun as you might imagine it to be. I got to geek out on movement, anatomy, teaching techniques and more with a group of international Barre teachers - such a dream!
Be on the lookout for info about my upcoming Balanced Body® Barre instructor training, I can't wait to share this fun and effective workout system with you. AND Blessful Body® Hive members - be on the lookout for new barre workouts to come soon - I learned a LOT of new ideas for you!
Now for today, please enjoy this posture improving, arm and shoulder, Pilates and yoga based workout. It's just 11 minutes long, but it's a thorough and effective upper body workout. You'll stretch your chest and strengthen your back so you can release tension, relieve discomfort, and stand or sit with upright posture.

The first half of this workout is done seated so you can repeat it while sitting at your desk so you can relax and increase mobility throughout your day!
There's also core work to increase abdominal strength and reduce back discomfort too - which is a key ingredient to staying upright and strong all day long WITHOUT discomfort.
This fast, quick Pilates and yoga fusion workout is the perfect workout to help you practice on your busiest days. It's also perfect for beginners or anyone just starting a Pilates or yoga home exercise routine.  I also recommend beginners check out my Pilates and Yoga for Beginners tutorial playlist on YouTube to help make your practice more effective.
I hope you enjoy this workout and have a beautiful day!
Much Love,

Ky Russell, the Blessful Body®, and Russell Precision LLC, recommend you consult with a physician before starting any new exercise program. The information given here is not advice, nor meant to treat or diagnose any medical condition. You understand that physical activity can pose a risk and by watching this channel and these videos you assume all risk and release Ky Russell, the Blessful Body®, and Russell Precision LLC, from any and all liability.

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