Strengthen Your Shoulders in 11 Minutes Pilates Workout

Mar 30, 2022

Got sticky shoulders? 

In this 11 minute upper body workout, we will mobilize, stretch, and strengthen our shoulders. It is quick and effective, perfect for a quick movement break in your day! 

By stretching and strengthening the muscles around our shoulder blade, we can relieve tension and prevent injury. Plus, when we practice functional strength training, we are improving our capacity to accomplish everyday tasks. 

Here, we will focus on upper body strengthening, postural alignment, and torso stability. I use light weights in the video, but feel free to use cans, water bottles, or anything of equal weight. Also, moving with mindful intention works great as well! 

This workout and 150+ workouts (ranging from 5 to 65 minutes) are always available in the Blessful Body Pilates Membership. Join our community of thriving women today and move from stressed out to blessed out today!


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