7-Minute Pilates Workout for Strong and Flexible Shoulders, Neck, and Arms

Nov 02, 2020

Take a second to check in with yourself - where are your shoulders? How does your neck and upper body feel right now?

So often when you're sitting at your computer or phone it's easy for the shoulders to tighten up, causing tension, fatigue, stress, and even headaches.

I know that the first impulse is to just stretch, stretch, stretch your upper back - but did you know that it's more effective to actually do some strengthening exercises before you try to stretch? 

This let your muscles get warm and ready to stretch plus it strengthens your back and shoulders. If you're like most humans today, your upper back actually needs to be STRONGER so it can support you with good posture while you're typing, sitting, cooking, texting, and just living life as a modern human!

So if you're needing some upper body nourishing movement (and you probably are) you can get some quick relief with this Pilates warm-up. It's a fantastic way to get movement, strengthening, and stretching to your upper body, while also connecting your upper limbs into your core and spine!

If you're a member of the Blessful Body Pilates membership you can find this in the under 15 minute workout section in the Workout Library anytime you like, otherwise I suggest you bookmark this page so you can revisit this warm-up regularly.

You can do this workout while seated but I recommend trying it standing so you can get a break from sitting, and more easily integrate into your core. 

Enjoy and let me know how this workout feels!

Much love,



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