Pilates and Stress Relief Programs to Get Stronger From the Inside Out 

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Courses and classes to begin or deepen your practice


The Core Accelerator

Supercharge your core strengthening and connection. Learn how to properly and effectively engage your deep abs, pelvic floor, and back so you can improve your posture, reduce injury risks, and turn every workout into a core workout!

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Pilates 101: Core Revolution 

Kickstart your Pilates core progress in 21 short workouts that will strengthen your core, improve your posture, and increase confidence in your body. You'll master the essential Pilates principles that are instrumental to becoming proficient in Pilates and increasing core connection. Perfect for beginners or anyone looking to deepen their practice.

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Blessful Body Pilates Hive

A virtual Pilates membership that provides a daily solution to your wellness and physical fitness needs. Combining Pilates workouts with my Blessful Living stress relief tools to bring core strength, calm, energy, and happiness to your life. 

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