Hi, I'm Ky!


I offer online Pilates and mindful stress relief to rejuvenate, strengthen, and energize you in body, mind, and spirit so you can fully enjoy an active, vibrant life! 

Hi, I'm Ky!

I help you cut through toxic fitness myths to get stronger, calmer, and energized with Pilates & Stress Relief so you can fully enjoy an active, vibrant life!

Pilates and mindfulness to maximize stress relief and make your body and life soar.

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Relieve stress in your body, mind, and spirit with my most effective yet simple stress-busting tools.


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I'm Ky Russell, MA


I hold a Master's degree in Kinesiology, am a certified Pilates & yoga instructor and Balanced Body Master Pilates Instructor Trainer. I'm a mindful movement educator, researcher, and life-enthusiast dedicated to spreading light in this world through movement. My purpose is to help you connect body, mind, and spirit so you can feel great and do great work.


More about Ky

“I am so glad I joined the Blessful Body. Ky speaks to my soul and has really made me aware of my body, mind and spirit. I highly recommend her classes. Thank you Ky for your positive attitude and all your hard work. I am so grateful to have found you.❤️❤️


S. K.

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